Hi everyone!

My name is Ple, I am going to begin my Au Pair life in Stockholm     Sweden very soon. I am flying tomorrow. Exciting! I am one of those who have a dream to travel the world since young age and wished to open up for new things once in a life time. I saw many different Au Pair programs. Used to contacted several places for information but they turned out ignorant, unclear in providing information, even worst the cost is too high. Eventually I found Au Pair Alternative which obviously made my dream come true. The fee is reasonable. Their service is efficient and worth value. You pay a little to go abroad. Because of the work of this agency It all happened. Aim, the owner of the agency is experienced with 3 years of Au Pairing. Her English is hard to compete and her writing skill is high effective. She is also friendly and informative. She is always willing to share her personal experiences and survival guide for living as an expat abroad. She made a great consultant for those who are new to this wide world, most importantly; her sense of honesty and equality is very strong and respectable. She is an attentive listener to her clients. Understanding and big hearted. I was truly impressed and would like to say “Thank you so much for everything” without assistance of Au Pair Alternative, I might not have got to come to Sweden and share my life with a lovely family as I am now. I believe everyone has dreams and we all wish to make it happen. Look no further, with Au Pair alternative, your dream is coming true.
Au Pair’s name: Supattra Thong-om, 24 years old, Country: Sweden

Contact : supattra.thongom@gmail.com

Date: 2016/06/01

Hi everyone! I am an Au pair who had worked with this agency which is an honest, straightforward, and enthusiastic with information providing, began from assistance with host family searching,  visa documentation, as well as useful survival tips abroad. Every information not only useful but implementable which is very impressive. The owner of the agency is truly able to help with problem solving and consultation, thus, if any of you guys are interested in this cultural exchange program, feel free to contact
her. Her experience doing Au Pairing in 3 different countries quarantines her expertise.

 Au Pair’s Name: Panatda Juthanan, Age 22, Country: The Netherlands

Contact: victory.vi1312@gmail.com

Date: 2016/06/13


I’m Eve. I am an Au Pair from Thailand. Firstly, I would like to admire Au Pair Alternative for being an excellent agency ever. Before making decision to become an Au Pair, had done a lot of research with almost every agency in Thailand, because surely everyone wants the best for himself. Eventually I found this one. And, I felt so lucky as the owner, Pee Aim, was such an excellent consultant. She always gave me realistic guideline with useful information. She always kept me up to date during online process ex: when I got viewed by host families, interview preparation and so on. I considered this as a good service as I worked full time and was very busy, so I let her in charge every step. Furthermore, a program fee is extremely low. This is because Au Pair Alternative is a agency which isn’t focusing on making money, but to sincerely willing to help young people to fulfill their dreams and receive an equality in education. I’d got a chance to interview with many different families fromthe following countries; Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands. That might be because It might be because I didn’t not specify country of destination, only in Europe was fine with me. Not  for so long, I was matched with a Dutch family which was very kind and friendly. During the interview, they enthusiastically showed me their house and introduced themselves to A host mother even complimented that my profile was very finelywritten and interesting which was another great work done by Au Pair Alternative. I am packing to move at the moment. Give me big applaud! I would like to thank you Pee Aim, for the amazing help, her attentiveness towards every little detail, and for her ability to pull out and present my uniqueness gracefully, until the day, I finally met this lovely host family. I wish to recommend Au Pair Alternative to those who interested in Au Pair program, because you won’t be disappointed. I confirmed. Anyway, If you wish to contact with me for further information. You are so welcome to inbox me on Facebook.

Au Pair’s Name: Rattakan Srisuwan age: 24 years old Country: U.S.A

Contact: evenarak99@gmail.com

Date: 2016/06/18


I was very impressed with this agency. The owner provided such a great service. I felt just like we were sisters. I recommend everyone to seek for consultation from her. You will definitely get a very useful advice. Seriously, the compliment is genuine, not flattery. For those who interested in Au Pair program, I suggest you do a lot of research and make sure you understand its concept very clearly. Once you are certain that it is the right cultural exchange program for you, just go for it. I am about to move to Europe for the second time, should you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask

# Live your life with no regrets

Au Pair’s Name: Rattana Phuriphiphat  age: 28 years old
Country: Sweden

Contact: na22129@hotmail.com

Date: 2016/09/08

Hi everyone!

Before making decision to become an au pair, please ask yourself first “whether this is exactly what you want?”

First of all, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, so that you
Understand my situation better. Before I got to know Au Pair program, I participated in some Cultural Exchange programs in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I wasn’t bragging about myself, but to indicate the motivation behind the decision to become an Au Pair. The reason was that a cultural exchange program gave so much new experience, wonderful friendship, and an opportunity to better my language skill. During the period of only 2 weeks, my English skills got improved and that’s because I used a lot of English it during my stay.

When the exchange program was over, I realized that though going abroad is a tough business, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
Actually I knew Au Pair program since I was a freshman. I read some
reviews but didn’t take them too seriously because I believed there were always two sides of everything in this world, both good and bad. Hence, there is no reason to be afraid of negativity and hold yourself back from reaching out for opportunities. (I don’t mean that we should not do research at all, just don’t forget to be realistic as well) I had prepared myself well in order to become an Au Pair; I am an active student who joined lots of activities in Uni. I did stuff like volunteering,studied Burmese language, studied a Thai music instrument, and learnedhow to decorate flowers, doing crafts etc. I did everything in any possible ways to gain experiences to qualify myself and to put on my Au Pair profile because my English ability was worse than others, experiences only could make my profile outstanding from others.

By the time I almost finished university, I began searching for an Au Pair agency, and firstly I chose Au Pair program in the U.S. because I thought it was the easiest way. After that I took a certified training course at Siriraj hospital in Bangkok to gain more experience in childcare (The courseconsist of a lot of useful and practical lessons which I can utilize them in real life.

When the course finished, I registered with a well-known agency,
however, things didn’t work out the way I planned. It took extremely longtime to online my profile and I got no view from any host families. Ok, I knew that English skill was very important to get a host family, but for this case, my agency didn’t do enough to help me either. They kept ignoring me until the day my application was eventually expired. By then I had an idea to change a destination to Scandinavia, and suddenly the agency gave me a call and asked whether I was interested to go to Scandinavia instead, but only one condition; I had to pay for a flight ticket myself together with other cost like visa application fee, cost for document preparation and translation etc. which, personally, I knew exactly how to
proceed the visa application (I am a visa submission officer) including its actual cost. It’s hurt to know I was being fooled, but I chose to be quiet.

At this time, I was totally lack of motivation because I had
prepared/planned everything out particularly for this. I was jobless
because there was no point to find a job then quit to become an Au Pair,together with, expectation to match with a family was so high. I was stuck with this agency and became more and more hopeless. If I register with a new one, surely I had to re-start it all over again. But I didn’t give up of course. I moved on by paying 4,000 baht for register with a new agency. The paperwork was done within a week by a help of a friend, and finally the enrollment was completed.
A week later I got contacted by a host family. I arranged an appointment myself. It was awkward.because I wasn’t experienced with interviewing and my English speaking skill was awful. Grammar was messed up. I was nervous and tired with the interview, so no doubt I was refused and never again was contacted by any other families thereafter.

Sure I was despaired but no I didn’t give up. Even though my registrationwas again expired, I still had little hope. Until that little hope was lightedup again, on the day I discovered Au Pair Alternative and its director, Ms.Patsara. I was introduced by her cousin who advertised her business with me and I was curious whether it was true that becoming an Au Pair didn’t
always need to register through an agency. It was true. She was very
sincere and didn’t hesitate to share information. She told me the truth unlike other local agencies I contacted previously that usually held back information and forced me to register with them just to get registration fee.

The fees were reasonable and what I like best about her is that she is veryactive with correspondences. She organized everything for me; preparedinformation and useful advice before the interview. She did her homework and always made sure everything is under control, such a detail-oriented and organized woman. I was very happy with what she did. With Au Pair Alternative, I’d been through a series of interviews with numerous families, every time I got refused she always encouraged me not to become despaired she said “There must be a family that suitable for me”. When I was facing problem, she always picked up the phone, helped me through it, though she was very busy with her work. I was lucky to meet her and I don’t know what it is but she were like a bridge leading me to
success. You wouldn’t understand how remarkable this was for me, if you have never fought hard for your dream.

Now I have already matched with a family in Sweden. I am waiting for avisa approval. During this period, the owner is still active and following up with the case. She sometimes texts and gives me a call to ask about current situations and new updates between I and my host family. Finally I want to tell all of you who have the same dream to stay positive. No matter what happens, don’t let negative force undermine your courage, instead, keep that positive power as motivation to push yourself forward to that dream.

If you fancy conversing with me or asking questions, I am more
than pleased to share information.
Au Pair Name: Sudarat Paukkuntod Age: 26 years old Country: Sweden

Contact: bs5321307096@hotmail.com


Hi guys,

Totally impressed with service by Au Pair Alternative. The director
didn’t only give me information from her personal Au Pair
experience, but also reliable information. She performed her work
with honesty and straightforwardness ex: in consultation
and advice. She took care of me on a friend basis. During the
process, she kept me updated and actively followed up so that I
wouldn’t become worried. She worked hard for everything
to achieve his goal. Thank you for everything!
Au Pair Name: Pongamorn Orachorn Age: 27 years old Country:Denmark

Contact: aoyle_love_@hotmail.com


Thank you Au Pair alternative very much. Patsara had helped me with everything, provided me with insightful information about Au Pair program in Germany. It didn’t take so long that I had matched with my host family. Regarding visa assistance, she was skilled at detail checking on paperwork, actively followed up my case from the very first day until, the day my visa was granted and I am eventually here in Germany. Impressive and Superb service!

Ms. Thidarat Khunwilai Age: 25 years old
Contact thidarat_pat@hotmail.com  Country: Germany 

At first I didn’t think of using service of any agency, but when I found Au Pair Alternative and spoke with Patsara, I didn’t regret it at all. She was very kind and treated me just like a big sister. She never neglected my questions or problem I was encountering. She actively updated with family searching process as well as visa progress from very early in the morning till very late at night. Everything went smoothly, until the day, I was eventually here in the Netherlands. Au Pair Alternative still communicates with me and helps me find new friends in the Netherlands. I feel totally cared and supported. Excellent Service!

Ms. Nanthanat  Chuensa-nguan   Age: 24 years old 

Contact: nchkarn@gmail.com Country: The Netherlands


Very impressive! Au Pair Alternative provided excellent advice. Patsara is friendly and sister-like. She is very active in terms of following up my case and always updates me with what’s on. She is hard-working, works from super early in the morning until very late at night. If I don’t know any information or when there is any information missing, she will look for that information for me. She is very attentive to detail and clear and accurate with information.

Ms. Parinda  Kanthabuppa     Age: 26 years old
Contact: sadadat@gmail.com  Country: Norway


I was super impressed with this agency. Patsara isn’t only an agent that searching for a nice family for us, but she is an excellent consultant. Just like a big sister supervising younger sister and wishes the best for us. Paperwork for visa is fast, accurate and well completed. If anyone is looking for an agency that offers good service and opportunity for life, I highly recommend Au Pair Alternative. You wouldn’t be disappointed. PS: Thank you Patsara for her wonderful support until I became an Au Pair today in the Netherlands.

Ms. Jirada Yansakul  Age: 27 Years old
Contactabbaewww@gmail.com Country: The Netherlands 


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