1. Issuing an invitation letter and childcare reference form for applicants who in need of childcare training.
  2. Profile and Letter to host family creation
  • assist with drafting a letter to host family using the applicant’s information and actual experiences
  • Seek useful and interesting information about the applicant’s lifestyle and related childcare experience
  • Gather and evaluate all received information then selecting the most appealing and significant information to put into the letter.
  • Once the letter has been drafted, the applicant is going to be contacted to discuss the context of his/her letter. He/she has is able to modify the context until they’re satisfied.
  • When the letter has been finalized, it will be handed to the applicant by e-mail.
  1. Give consultation and preparation for an interview
  • Analyze family’s character and expectations.
  • Evaluate family’s information
  • Provide useful advice about interview techniques Prepare the applicant with frequent and difficult questions.
  • Advice on how to ask sensitive questions for example: compensation for extra work, fees for a language course, insurance, tickets fares and so on.
  1. Family Searching Service
  • We conduct an interview in English with the applicant to estimate his/her language skills and character.
  • Online the applicant’s profile with our allied agencies abroad.
  • Keep the applicant updated with information of interested families and their online status via email and texting. When families show interest on his/her profile, the applicant will be informed immediately.
  • We arrange an interview appointment for both parties.
  • Evaluate a result of the interview whether it is positive or negative.
  • In case, both Au Pair and host family agree to match, the payment is going to be done on the date which the Au Pair applicant has agreed with the agency previously.
  1. Visa Application Assistance
  • Provide the applicant with all significant information concerning documentation for visa application.
  • Give explanation about visa application process.
  • Explain Au Pair rules and regulations of the selected host country.
  • Assistance on document preparation for visa application
  • Carry out a direct operation with a host family, a local agency abroad, an embassy, and the immigration department.
  • Assistance on filling out information on a visa application form.
  • Re-check correctness on the completed form and other required documents before they are eventually submitted to embassy or immigration department.
  1. Interactive English lessons for Au Pair (Focusing on speaking & Listening)
  • Au Pair Alternative breaks every old-fashioned norm of language learning methods, substitute, presenting a more realistic/interactive and effective ways of learning foreign language.
  • In our class, Au pairs will literally get to use their English in real-life situations. During class hours – there won’t be any Thai used as we are willing to create English environment for students and to encourage their confidence in speaking. In case, the students use wrong vocabs or expression in certain situations, I will correct and explain everything in English until the students truly understand. However, if grammar and writing are their concern I won’t be hesitate to provide lessons that fulfill the learners’ needs. To enhance convenience in studying, we also provide online lessons via Skype, Line, Facetime etc.
  1. Support
    All applicants receiving support during the exchange year(s)
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