Ruby Ann Abluyen

Ruby Ann Abluyen
Nationality: The Philiphines

Age: 25

Host country: Norway

City: Bergen

Number/age/sex of the children: 2/2 years old boy and 5 years old girl

Number of years: 2 years

How did  you know about Au pair program,?

I hear about au pair program by my sister, because she was an au pair in Denmark before.

What inspired you to become an Au pair?

I was inspired to become an au pair when i saw the beautiful and attractive photos of my sister in Europe. But of course, it’s my dream to travel outside of my home country to prove to myself that the photos I saw when I was a kid is true and existing.

How did you prepare yourself to become an Au pair?

I love children’s  when I was studying we have a program that is the community service where we went to an orphanage to visit children’s and gave some foods, clothes, etc. and also to play with them and it takes a weeks  but I learned a lot from that short  time. For me, the most preparation I did is taking care of my nephews because it’s closer to me I mean it’s a family. Although its different from European children but as long as you know how to handle them deal with the situations and more patience I’m sure your prepared that’s the way I prepared myself that I will apply for being an Au pair because every day of my life I will be with a host family who is like my  second family.

Why did you choose this country?

I choose Norway because it looks more attractive, peaceful and beautiful to me and there are more things to see in term of nature and the place.

How was your host family?

Great! They are very kind and supportive. I’m lucky to have them as my host family, we are both flexible. They really respect my privacy, help me about my schooling in language course and teach me about Norwegian culture. They treat me nicely and as a family member not a worker, they make sure everything is fine with me.

Did you get an opportunity to travel? Which country have you visited?

Yes, I traveled to Horten which is inside Norway to visit my sister. I also traveled sometimes with my host family to their cabins and some places here in Norway.

During the program did you get a chance to study/learn a new language or improve your English? How was your experience?

Yes! I took Norwegian beginner course for a few months at Folkeuniversitet and when we move to the country side with my host family I continue my  Norwegian course at Os Voksenoppløring. It’s hard to learned different languages  here in Europe but if you’re really interested it makes easy for you but if not you find it’s difficult. If you don’t get the right pronunciation you will have a problem on what are you trying to say to the person whom you’re talking it become misunderstanding. But of course never give up if you want to learn just keep on trying sooner you will able to speak fluent.

What is the most important life lesson you have learn from being an Au pair?

Being an Au pair is a little bit hard but I’ve learned a lot like, being flexible to what are the situations in the family, light punishment to the kids or I mean how to disciple them in a nice and soft way not a harsh way because it’s different from Asian parenting that I can apply in my future married life.

In your opinion what is the key qualification Au pairs should have?

Determination and patience is the key. Not only this but it’s a lot of qualification when it comes to being an Au pair you have to be strong, understanding, kind, caring, fun, firm, openness to the host family  and a big sacrifice for you.

What is your Au pair duty?

My au pair duties are light housework, cook dinner, play with the kids, assist bedtime, babysitting   when needed. I only work  5 hours a day and my off is Sunday.

Would you recommend Au pair program to those who are interested and any advice you would like to give them?

Yes! definitely I will, because it’s a good opportunity to the youth to explore the world, know more about the different countries, and maybe it will help you to  your future career. But you need to ready yourself  and don’t expect too much because other Au pair who expect too much  will lead them  to big disappointment and  that will really affect  them so instead they enjoy the life of being an  Au pair  it turns to negative or they are not happy with it. My advice as an Au pair also, it is very important to discussed every single word you don’t understand or not clear on contract to the host family before going  further  to avoid conflicts when you are with them, be strong enough to asked question concerning you and about the host family for you to have an  idea and for yourself also to be prepared.

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